When fire breaks out unexpectedly, the first ones of the scene are law enforcement. Fire is used in riot demonstration and it is also a result of car accident, where police are often the front lines whenever fire or any disaster strikes. As a true professional, you must be equipped with the proper equipment and use the best product to handle fire and similar situations. When it comes to fire extinguishing agent, Cold Fire is the best product for law enforcement because of its environmentally friendly feature that can put out any fire quicker, safer, with less damage to property, less water needed, and less risk to firefighters and policemen. Cool fire is twenty-one times more potent, more effective, and faster than water, removing fuel and heat sources from the fire tetrahedron for re-ignition prevention.


The exclusive distributor of Cold Fire line of extinguishers is Cold Fire Tactical at, distributing these fire suppression products to law enforcement, police, EMS, and fire agencies. Cold Fire can put out polar solvents, hydrocarbons, tires, metals and asphalts, and any Class A, B, D or K fires with its green and non-toxic substances. Cold Fire is  considered as Class A and B wetting agent which is UL classified, suppressing vapors and remediating spills. It has been tested basing on NFPA standard 18 as specified for wetting agents.


When it comes to applications on Federal lands, Cold Fire is authorized because it passed the eighteen months testing program conducted by the U.S. Forest Service Fire Laboratory, so it is now proudly listed on their Qualified Product List, considered an approved fire suppressing agent for wild fires applications. When using this fire suppressing agent, it does not require special training. When it comes to resolving wildfires, it is done by adding water to Cold Fire with the use of engines or a pumping station along a fire line, by other approved airborne techniques or helicopters with the use of Bambi buckets. You can also learn more tips on where to find reliable fire extinguishers by checking out the post at



The wetting agent of Cold Fire Tactical can be used for portable extinguishers, structure protection, and Class A, B, and D fires. Because cold fire is non-toxic and non-corrosive, Cold Fire can be dumped directly without flushing lines into booster tanks. When it is stored in closed containers, it has indefinite shelf life. Thermal insulation can prevent re-ignition when Cold Fire is properly applied. It is not hazardous for firefighters because it surpasses other brands on the QPL when it comes to safety and health standards. Cold Fire is a superior and excellent fire suppressing agent that can extinguish fire faster than other products  without causing harm to the victims, firefighters, and the environment. You can visit Cold Fire Tactical Fire Extinguishers for Police Departments homepage for more details about fire suppressing agents.